POSITION : 3702N / 12645E


The port of Pyongtaek located on the midwestern coast of the Korean Peninsula, 9.5m difference of its tide, 1118m depth and 30km of port channel and is well-known as port of an advanced post for the supply of LNG to the capital city area. Pilotage is compulsory (Ippa-do pilot station about 3708N / 12630E) and all ocean-going vessels entering into this port must be led by pilot from An-do pilot station (see Port of Inchon), about 92 km away from the inner bay, must of them are at present LNG/LPG ships including some small-sized coastal ships carrying the domestic cargoes and small/handy-sized vessels carrying steel products from 'Hanbo Steel' and 'Dongbu Steel'.


This port is approached from the sea-route of Asan port where is natural deep water, but is partially connected with the restricted channel due to dredging in the course to the inner bay from the entrance of the port. The distance from the channel entrance to the pier is about 30km and this channel is divided into the approach channel and entrance channel. The approach channel is 17.6km in length and 1.0km in width, respectively and the entrance of this channel is located on the northern part of Ippa-do and the first section of the channel is used as natural shelter for vessels in case of emergency. The width of the channel in the 1.8 km section from the shelter area to the starting point of entrance channel is narrowed to 400m. The entrance section of the channel is located on a straight line with approach channel.

However, about 5km section of entrance channel is located on the direction of 144 degrees with 10 degrees left-side and 2.6km section approaching to the next mooring area is located on the direction of 086 degrees with 56 degrees left-side.

There is no pilot service for night time by the regulations.

  • Pilot boarding time for arraival vessel : 07:00 - 16:00 hrs
  • Pilot boarding time for departure vessel : 07:00 - 18:00 hrs


The quarantine anchorage is located on the sea of 370811N 1363137E and vessels can be dropped anchor at any proper place where around of pilot station however should kept watching fishing net.

The master of vessel is required to advise information of ship's best ETA and arrival report to 'Pyongtaek Port Control' via 'VHF CH 20'.


The port facilities consist of LNG/LPG piers(one berth accommodating 60,000 DWT vessel), a special pier for Korea Electric Power Corp. and other general pier.


  1. Mobile crane
    50-250tons of cranes are available by agents through local crane operators.
  2. Jib crane
    The Hanbo Pier only has 2 units of 25 tons and 35 tons Jib crane.


here is no bunker suppliers/facilities. Therefore, bunker (if requested) should be supplied by lightering from Port of Inchon.